Metal Roofing in Mississauga Area

Metal Roofing in Mississauga Area

Metal Roofing Mississauga area

The roof is the most important part of building your home. A well-executed roof gives you the security of your home. We know that choosing a metal roof is not a very easy task and we provide consultancy.

Our vision is to build value in the community with each project, offering the same
time professional expertise, exceptional customer service and quality products.

Whether we are talking about an old building, a modern home or a comfortable holiday home, the roof is a very important element of the building and that’s why you need to give it the necessary attention.

Authorized installation

Our company offers full metal roofing in Mississauga area. Our reliable team offers the best customer solutions when it comes to metal roofs. Experience gained over time has helped us to improve, expand our business, and provide authorized metal roofing services.


Whether it’s a new or an old building, you need to make an on-site measurement so you can make sure you buy the necessary materials without loss. Our team moves to the customer’s location to make measurements and ensure that your metal roof is optimized and accurately calculated.


Being a metal roofing expert, we can advise you on choosing the right materials, range and colors for your home so that it has a pleasant look, perfect quality and lasting life. Call us and someone in our company will help you make the right choice.

Professional services

Metal Roofing Mississauga

The experience gained in the sale and installation of metal roof systems, as well as the specializations we constantly participate in, guarantee the quality of our services and the portfolio of works are proof of responsible involvement in the work we carry out.

Quality products

We carefully select partners from elite manufacturers of metal tiles, drainage systems, accessories, attic windows to work with diversified and quality products.

Affordable prices

The long-term partnerships we have with the metal tile manufacturers and suppliers, drainage systems, accessories, attic windows allow us to offer you affordable and advantageous prices. We also ensure that the price / quality ratio is the right one.


Frequently asked questions

What role does the pluvial system have?

The pluvial system has the role of taking water from the roof and directing it to the sewerage system. It is also called a controlled drainage system for rainwater from the roof or rainwater collection and drainage system.

What role does undercoating foliage?

undercoating diffusion foil, is an important element of a complete and efficient roofing system. The foil rests on rafters or thermal insulation and under the metallic tile (coating) and acts as a protection against rainfall, dust deposits and ultraviolet radiation.

The sheet protects the roof lining, debris and the thermal insulating material of the roof from any water infiltration that may fall under the cover and facilitates the leakage of these infiltration into the gutters.

What does a ventilated roof mean?

Ventilated roofs are a new concept that brings the roof a plus of durability and efficiency. Ventilation is the process by which a continuous flow of air is created between the inside and the outside of the roof, providing a dry environment. Appropriate ventilation is essential in maintaining the structure of the dry roof.

What does the simple-ventilated roof mean?

Roof with ventilated space only between slats / tile and lath.

What does the double-ventilated roof mean?

The double-ventilated roof has two ventilated spaces.

Do you offer a warranty for the roof installation?

Yes, We perform the roof assembly with specialized teams, constantly trained by the metal tile manufacturers and suppliers, drainage systems, attic windows, which allows us to guarantee the quality of our works.

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We work with responsibility and understand that a happy customer and a quality work (both aesthetically and from the point of view of safety and protection offered by the roof) lead to our success in the field of sales and installation of complete metal roof systems of the attic windows.

Are they heavy?

Nope! An entire roof of metal seems pretty heavy, right? But the layers that we use are thin enough—sturdy, nonetheless—to the point that they’re weightless in comparison to traditional asphalt. They’re so lightweight, in fact, that you could install one on top of the roof that’s already in place! Don’t worry, it won’t crush your home!

Top Metal Roofs has a lot of knowledge on metal roofing and if your question wasn’t answered in Metal Roofs FAQ, feel free to reach out to us! We’d be more than happy to work with you to build the best metal roof for your home possible. Give us a call today!

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