How Much is a New Metal Roof?

How Much is a New Metal Roof?

The cost of new roof installation is undoubtedly one of the burning questions for every homeowner. Has this question been on your mind lately as well? Well worry no more! In this article we’ll be breaking down metal roofing costs and factors that affect pricing. How Much is a New Metal Roof

The cost of a new metal roof is often higher than other traditional roofing systems, such as asphalt shingles, but the investment is worth making for a number of reasons. For instance, metal roofs are more durable and longer lasting than other roofing materials and substantially increase your home’s value.  

Despite these benefits, we believe in empowering our clients with all the relevant information to guide them through every step of their homes roofing project. In this article, we’ll provide you with information regarding the factors that affect metal roofing prices and ways of estimating your roofing costs.

Factors That Determine Roofing Prices

Metal roof installation tends to be more expensive due to the specialized equipment and training required to professionally complete the project. In order to accurately estimate the cost you’re likely to incur while having a new roof installed, the following factors should be considered.

The amount of labor required 

Metal roofs are usually lightweight, which makes it possible to even install them over existing asphalt roofs. In such a case, the labour hours and resulting costs are reduced. However, a homeowner may require flashing or removal of the underlying old roof before installing a new one. Consequently, this consumes more labour time, hence, increasing the cost of your metal roof.

Your location and installed components 

If you reside in a prime or an expensive location of a country, then you can expect the installation price for your house to be more than the rest of the country. Moreover, your location may pose logistical challenges to the contractor when transporting roofing materials. Consequently, your roofing contractor will incorporate these additional costs, thus, raising the cost of your metal roof. At Top Metal Roofs we service Toronto and the GTA and all cities falling within a 50 km radius of Toronto.

The accessibility of your home can also determine the final roof cost charged. For instance, the presence of decks, flowerbeds, pools, or fences around your house may reduce the maneuverability around your time, hence, consuming more labour hours, which translates to additional roofing costs.

The type of metal roof chosen 

There are several types of metal roofs from which you can choose. Whereas aluminum or steel shingles may cost you less than standing seam metal, you must weigh the pros and cons of each roof metal type before making any buying decision.

The shape of your house 

Your home’s architectural design contributes to the installation price you are likely to be charged by roofing contractors. More specifically, house designs with several too much architectural details such as chimneys, skylights, dormers, multiple cut-up angles are likely to increase your installation fee, as these will complicate the work, thus increasing labor costs

Stripping and disposal cost 

When you are replacing an old roof with a new metal roof, it may be necessary to strip off the old one, and this results in additional labor costs. Moreover, the removed old roofing system may need to be disposed of, which is usually determined by its weight. Consequently, the heavier the materials, the longer it takes for its removal and disposal, which ultimately increases your final roofing cost.

Roofing finish and coating

Every roofing system has its unique preparation and finishes details to be factored in when estimating the final cost. For instance, the roofer has to consider issues such as chimneys, skylights, rafters, sealants, and fascia to be incorporated in the roofing plan. The more these aspects are, the more it will cost for your roofing project. The type of coating used on your metal roof may affect its price as well.

The size of your home and roof slope

The bigger your home, the more the roofing materials required, and this raises your roof costs. Moreover, roofs with steeper slopes are often more costly to roof compared to the less steep ones. This is because it requires more equipment and crew expertise to roof steeper roofs due to the risk and time required, which makes them take longer, thus, increasing labor costs.

Try Our Roofing Calculator!

Check out our roofing calculator for a free roofing quote in 3 quick steps:

Step 1: Input area of your house in feet

The roof cost calculator will estimate the area using the length and width of your house. The width is the distance between two corners on the short side of your house. The length is the distance between two corners on the long side of the house.

Step 2: Select the number of stories

How many floors does your house occupy? A one-story house has all rooms on ground level while a two-story house has rooms spread on two levels.

Step 3: Select the roof slope.

Does your roof have a low, medium or high slope? The slope is determined by the vertical rise for every horizontal foot the roof runs. A moderate slope has a vertical rise of 6 inches for every 12 inches horizontally. A steep slope rises 12 inches for every 12 horizontal inches.

Cost Related Benefits of Buying Metal Roofs

A superficial analysis of metal roofing against other roofing systems may make it look cost-prohibitive. But on the contrary, buying metal roofs can actually save you money in the long-term as they’re more cost-effective compared to the conventional asphalt shingle roofs. Some of the cost-saving benefits of using metal roofs are:

Low insurance costs

The Insurance cost of a metal-roofed home is much lower than other roofing systems due to the reduced maintenance costs and its ability to withstand severe weather conditions compared to other roofing systems. It is estimated that metal roofs can save you up to 30% on insurance.

Reduced energy bills 

Metal roofed houses are more energy-efficient compared to wood or asphalt roofed houses. This is because roofs can reflect radiant heat from the sun, thus, ensuring your house maintains the normal room temperature without the need to use a cooling system. Consequently, this saves you the extra energy bills you would have paid to cool your home during hot seasons.

Metal roofs are economically cheaper in the long-run

Though the upfront cost of metal roofing is larger than other roofing systems, it can last the lifetime of your house. For instance, metal roofs have an average useful life 50 years, while that of asphalt roofs is 10-15 years. It, therefore, means that asphalt roofs will have to be replaced multiple times in the 50-year lifespan of metal roof, thus making the former more expensive than the latter in the long-run.

High resale value

The ease of maintenance, energy efficiency, and durability of metal roofs makes your house to have a high resale value since most buyers look for these factors when buying homes.

Low installation costs

Due to their lightweight, metal roofs can be installed over existing asphalt shingles, thus eliminating the cost of stripping and disposal.  

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